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Sevenoaks Fairtrade Network
Sevenoaks Fairtrade Network

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About Us

Sevenoaks Town Council is our partner in the Fairtrade Town initiative.

The Sevenoaks Fairtrade Network is a loose association of enthusiastic supporters of Fairtrade - individuals, businesses, churches, schools, community groups and, most importantly, the Town Council. It is led by a Steering Committee of about 10 volunteers from various sectors, including the young people of the town. Our role is to raise awareness of products carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark and to maintain the high standards demanded for Fairtrade Town Status. We do this by distributing promotional materials, contacting businesses, working with schools, organising events and generating publicity.

The FAIRTRADE Mark guarantees producers in developing countries a fair price for their goods and also a premium for community projects, such as schools, health centres, bus shelters etc. In return it requires ethical trading methods, respecting both the environment and welfare of employees.
More than 4500 products have been licensed to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Look out for these goods in Sevenoaks: : tea, coffee, infusions, drinking chocolate, sugar, cocoa, biscuits, snack bars, cake, nuts, chocolate, rice, quinoa, dried fruit, jam, marmalade, honey, fruit juice, bananas, pineapples, grapes, oranges, lemons, satsumas, limes, mangoes, avocados, flowers, wine, beer, t-shirts, school uniform, beauty products (body butters & cotton wool pads)

What is Fairtrade and who benefits?
Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fairer terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. By requiring companies to pay fair market prices, Fairtrade addresses injustices of conventional trade, which discriminate against the poorest producers. It enables them to improve their lives and have more control over their futures.
The Fairtrade market in the U.K. increased by 18% in 2012 and sales reached £1.5 billion. The Fairtrade system works with 1.24 million farmers and workers across more than 66 developing countries, who receive €65 million in Fairtrade premium to invest in their communities. (data Fairtrade Foundation 2013)

Fairtrade Town status for Sevenoaks
In October 2005 Sevenoaks, with the support of the Town Council, joined Edenbridge and 120 other towns and cities in becoming a Fairtrade town. (There are now almost 600 Fairtrade towns, cities, boroughs and villages in the UK.) Based on submission of local evidence by the Steering Committee, the Fairtrade Foundation renewed the award in 2007, 2010 and 2013. This shows that many residents, businesses, shops, schools, churches and the Town Council continue to support and promote Fairtrade. In this way they are doing their bit to ensure that small growers, who produce the majority of the World’s food, are fairly rewarded for their labours. There are also benefits to the town from the community working together to ‘make a difference’.

Where you can buy Fairtrade in Sevenoaks?

Supermarkets & Convenience Stores
  • Waitrose, High Street 
  • Sainsbury’s, Otford Road 
  • Tesco, High Street, (larger selection at superstore in Riverhead) 
  • The Co-operative Food, St John’s Hill 
  • M&S Simply Food, Blighs Meadow 
  • Rafferty’s Grocers, Hollybush Lane 
  • 7Oaks News & Wine, St John’s Hill 
  • Shell Select, London Road 
  • Shell Select, Seal Road 
  • San’s Minimarket, Tubbs Hill Parade 
Specialist shops
  • Especially Health, High Street 
  • Boots, High Street (body butter & lotions) 
  • Holland & Barrett, Blighs Walk 
  • Thind Wine Merchant, London Road

In addition, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, two and four finger Kit Kat and Maltesers are now Fairtrade and are widely available in petrol stations, confectioners, newsagents and small convenience stores in the town.



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