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Famous Faces in Sevenoaks

(1) H.G. Wells 1866 - 1946

H.G. Wells was born in Bromley and is widely regarded as the founder of science fiction. He was a teacher who caused a scandal by running away with one of his students. They lived together at 23 Eardley Road with her mother who, apparently, disliked him so much that she would not even eat with him. It was while he was living in Sevenoaks that he wrote The Time Machine.

(2) Diana. Princess of Wales 1961 - 1997
The Princess attended West Heath School in Sevenoaks where she excelled at games and dancing. Whilst there she bought a kitten from the pet shop and kept it hidden at school until it was discovered!

(3) Emily Jackson 1840 - 1916
Emily Jackson was the sister of Thomas Jackson and was a nurse who founded "The Children's Hospital for the Treatment of Hip Disease". Her first hospital was in a cottage on The Vine. She later moved to the new hospital built by her brother in Eardley Road where she worked until 1908. 

Map of Millennium Walk route
(4) William Pett 1709 - 1786 
William Pett was the leading cricket bat maker of his day and played a significant role in the history of cricket. It is likely that he supplied bats for the first recorded cricket match in 1734. At first he made curved bats which cost between 2/6d and 4/6d and later the design altered to straight bats as bowling changed. There is a Pett bat in the Sevenoaks Museum in the library.