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Governmental responsibilities

Residents within Sevenoaks Town are represented by a number of different members of democratically elected bodies, ranging from Sevenoaks Town Councillors through to the MP, Michael Fallon and MEPs. Each of these levels of government have differing roles and responsibilities. 

A summary of core responsibilities and roles is available below, but for more detailed information or to contact the relevant body via their linked website. 

Sevenoaks Town Council
Sevenoaks District Council
Kent County Council
House of Commons
European Parliament 

Sevenoaks Town Council - 01732 459 953

Sevenoaks Town Councillors represent residents within the Civil Parish of Sevenoaks

The Town Council has, by using its powers under various Acts, become responsible for a wide range of facilities.  

Council Offices/Chamber
The Council Office and Chamber were rebuilt in 1991 and one room is rented by the Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths.  Since January 1996 the premises have been approved for Civil Marriages.  The Council Chamber is also available for hire and is used by a variety of organisations.  Part of the site is leased to the British Red Cross for their local Headquarters.

Raleys & Knole Paddock
The Town Council is responsible for Raleys Field and Knole Paddock sports fields which are used by Sevenoaks Rugby Football Club, Wilderpark Football Club and the Association of Kent Cricket Clubs.    Also the Pavilion and Groundsmans store, storage compound, Sevenoaks RFC pavilion (site leased to Club), Raleys car park,  Raleys Gymnasium, Groundsman's bungalow and garage, land at Lower Raleys Field (leased to the Sevenoaks Clarendon Lawn Tennis Club) and the indoor cricket school leased to Association of Kent Cricket Clubs.

The Vine
Responsibilities include Vine Cricket Ground and Pavilion (both leased to Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club), public toilets (at rear of pavilion - managed by Sevenoaks District Council), Vine Gardens, the Bandstand, Band Practice Room, War Memorial, Tea Kiosk, Vine Waste and Judds Piece.

Greatness Park Cemetery
The Town Council is responsible for the Burial Ground, Cemetery extension for future use, Chapel (including public toilets at rear), Workshop/Messroom, Lock-up garages for equipment and The Lodge (leased to tenants).

Open Spaces/Recreation Grounds
Areas of responsibility include the Upper High Street Gardens, Pontoise Close Open Space and playground, Mount Close Open Space and playground, Kippington Meadow, Millpond Wood, Middlings Wood, Sevenoaks Common, Master's Gate (Park Grange, Sevenoaks School), Upper St John's Open Space, Woodside Road Open Space, The Pound, Brittains Lane Wood and White Hart Beeches, Hillingdon play area, Julians Meadow open space and playground, Greatness Recreation Ground.

The Town Council is responsible for allotments at Bradbourne Vale Road and Quakers Hall Lane (leased to Sevenoaks & District Allotment Holders)

Sevenoaks Community Centre
The Town Council owns and manages the Community Centre.  Part of the site is sub-let to the Sevenoaks Day Nursery Trust.

Council Maintained Sites
These include St Nicholas' Church, Lady Boswell's School grounds, flower beds at The Drive island and St John's Clinic, horse troughs at St Botolph's Road, Old Police Station and St John's Clinic and 14 ornamental flower bowls at various sites around the town.

Approximately 11 kilometres of footpaths and bridleways within the town boundary are administered jointly by the Town and District Councils.

Public Lighting
The Town Council is responsible for some lighting units in some unadopted roads in the town.

The Town Council is also responsible for the Town Clock at the Old Market House, 103 High Street, various public seats, litter bins and grit bins.

Sevenoaks District Council - 01732 227 000

Kent County Council - 03000 41 41 41

Kent County Council provides a range of services for residents, visitors and people working in Kent. They have specific responsibilities, but some are shared with the District Council.

Member of Parliament - 020 7219 6482

The Member of Parliament for Sevenoaks is the Rt Hon Michael Fallon.
Michael is Secretary of State for Defence .

The Secretary of State for Defence has overall responsibility for the business of the department providing strategic direction on policy, operations, acquisition and personnel matters, including:
  • operational strategy, including as a member of the National Security Council
  • defence planning (including SDSR 15), programme and resource allocation (including the Spending Round)
  • international relations including lead for NATO
  • defence exports policy, including as chair of the cross-Government Exports Working Group
  • nuclear programme
  • communications