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Refuse and recycling

Sevenoaks District Council collect your refuse and recycling from your property boundary every week.
All of your refuse and recycling must be out no later than 7am on your collection day.
If you do not know when your collection day is, view their refuse collection times page. If you live in a block of flats and/or share communal bins or a bin store area your collection day is most likely on Thursday.

For those who need help with putting out their weekly refuse and recycling sacks, Sevenoaks District Council offer an assisted refuse collection service.
Refuse is collected in black refuse sacks, and recycling in clear recycling sacks. A roll of 20 black sacks and a roll of 25 recycling sacks to your home every 19 weeks. View locations where you can buy additional refuse and recycling sacks.

Both kinds of sacks are collected on the same day at the same time. In some areas two refuse vehicles are used (one for black sacks and one for recycling sacks), and in other areas collected with a single, split-body vehicle. Split-body vehicles have two storage areas so that the refuse and recycling are kept apart. There is also a fortnightly services for collecting of Garden Waste & Bulky waste and white goods

If you are not sure about what you can put into your black refuse sacks or clear recycling sacks, please Sevenoaks District Council's guide to recycling in the Sevenoaks District.