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Sevenoaks Youth Council

About Us

Sevenoaks Youth Council was created in 2008 and consists of 16 young people working voluntarily on behalf of other young people. It is a younger version of the Sevenoaks Town Council which also has 16 Town Councillors.

Sevenoaks Youth Council Activities to date:
Researched and assisted in the £150,000 application for funding of the House in the Basement Youth Café.
Provided the following Youth Events in the Sevenoaks Summer Festival over the years; 
                  Face painting, skate events, Ukulele workshop, Assault course. 
                  Summer Leisure event - Dance Mat competition at Sencio
                  Leisure events such as a Kart Grand Prix and an under 16 disco/music event. 
Organised collection of used ink cartridges to raise funds.
Campaigned for cycling safety.
Represented Sevenoaks Young People within other appropriate organisations.
Created a link with Rheinbach young people.
Assisted with the Soundwaves Extra Under 18 nights.    
Street Light Survey in local area
Transport Survey for 16-18 year olds in full time education or in an apprenticeship scheme.

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